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RD's Chihuahuas

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Howdy I am Robin Dyson and I raise Chihuahuas in both coat varieties Long and Smooth coats, I have Chihuahuas available for the show ring and as a family pet. On occasions I also offer dogs up for adoption under a spay or neutering agreement. These Chihuahuas are highly trainable and smart they do make excellent competitive sport dogs. I have trained several of my own in the obedience ring, rally ring, and also to be great therapy dogs for all to enjoy. If you’re looking for a new Chihuahua family member please come and visit my website at: or just give me a call at 940-231-9099 I live in the great state of Texas.
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RD's Chihuahua Long and Smooth coats Available

Bug is a extremely tiny Chihuahua Dog and avail.

Caesar is a nice Long hair Chihuahua I have avail.

Boomer Whats to say Howdy Folks!

This is Lady very pretty Smooth Female I bred

This is Rain one of my Chihuahuas I have bred.





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