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Introducing Water Cremation for Pets

Introducing Water Cremation for Pets

With an average size dog emitting approximately 45kgs of CO2 during traditional Flame Cremation, greener alternatives, such as Water Cremation, now offers Pet Parents a gentler process, with minimal impact on the environment. 

If you haven’t heard of Water Cremation, you are not alone. Though patented back in 1888, it was only made available to the Aftercare Industry in 2011. The process has been adopted for both Pet and Human Aftercare, in the US, Canada, UK and South Africa. It made worldwide headlines in 2022, when South African Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, was cremated by water. 

Water Cremation, or Alkaline Hydrolysis, uses a gentle flow of 95% water and 5% alkali, to mimic what would take place in nature, where the body is reduced to its essential elements, leaving behind the calcium phosphate (bone), which is prepared and placed into an urn before returning to the family. 

For many years, burial and flame cremation have been the most common and traditional animal aftercare options, however, they are far from environmentally friendly. Water Cremation offers an alternative that;

  • Uses 90% LESS energy,
  • DOES NOT burn fossil fuels,
  • DOES NOT EMIT harmful greenhouse gases,
  • DOES NOT RELEASE chemicals from animals that have been euthanised and buried,
  • DOES NOT CONTAMINATE soil with bacteria as a result of decomposition,
  • Remains are 100% clean, sterile and pathogen-free and can be SAFELY returned to the earth and
  • The remaining water is a sterile solution which can nourish soil and support plant growth. 

As we become increasingly aware of our pet’s Carbon Paw Print they leave during their life, so too, is the importance of our decisions in their Aftercare. 

To learn more about Blue Leaf and Water Cremation, visit our website.

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