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Article supplied by by Dr Michael Archinal B.V.Sc., IVAS (Acup)
 Canberra Veterinary Clinic - (02) 6241 3333
 Cnr Barton Hwy & Federal Hwy - Lyneham - Canberra ACT 2602
 As published in The Pet Directory NSW & ACT Edition


According to legend, veterinary acupuncture was discovered when lame horses became sound after being hit by arrows in battle. 

The first veterinary text was written around 650BC, which related to horses but later there was texts and charts devoted to cattle, pigs, camel, chickens, sheep and goats. There was little information on dogs and cats and most of our knowledge today is from human texts.

Veterinary acupuncture has been practiced for 4500 years, which makes it the oldest, and most field-tested system of medicine still in use today. The system relies on the acknowledgement of the body’s ability to repair itself. It is particularly useful for muscular-skeletal disease processes such as arthritis and can help with most common animal ailments.

Acupuncture uses a system of energetic channels and points that radiate over the animal’s body surface and connect with the interior organ system to regulate energy and blood flow throughout the entire body.

Veterinary acupuncture and its clinical applications represent an exciting new addition to the ability to treat our pets. If you feel that acupuncture may assist your pet, ensure the practitioner is a member of the Australian Veterinary Acupuncture Society (AVAS).

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