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The Budgerigar 'MOP'

The Budgerigar 'MOP'

Budgerigar Mop

Budgerigar breeders sometimes find what is called a 'Mop' or 'Feather Duster' in one of their birds' nests.

Budgerigar Mop

A Mop is a budgerigar whose feathers have grown extremely long. The feathers just keep growing and growing.

How Budgie Mops Develop

They also have long forked tail feathers. The feathers stop them from being able to walk properly.

Budgerigar Feather Duster Budgie Mop

The Mop in the photo began to show the major features of a Mop at around 9 weeks. Unfortunately Mops tend to live only months. It is thought that the Mop is a bird with a recessive gene.

Long feathers in Show Budgerigars

Show Budgerigar breeders strive to acheive long feathers in their birds. Some breeders believe that it is the closest thing to a perfect show budgerigar except that it is just over the edge.

Budgerigar Mop on Perch in Show Cage

Mop or Feather Duster Budgie placed on perch in show cage. He can only just sit there but cannot climb onto a perch independently due to the length of his overgrown feathers.

Notice too how the long feathers curl which is different to the feathering on a normal budgerigar where the feathers are shorter and straight.

Budgerigar Feathers Too Long Overgrown

In this image we can almost see the face of the mop budgie however his feathers have overgrown to the point where he cannot see and eating and drinking are very difficult.

Budgerigar Feathers Long Can’t Fly or Walk

This photo shows the budgerigar mop trying to flap its wings. Sadly it cannot fly nor can it walk.

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