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Posted 03/06/2023 in Re-home A Cat by Happy Paws Haven


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Teasha is an independent girl who was found on property during the floods. She is a bit cantankerous and can take some time to build trust but once she does she will be your best friend Teasha enjoys playing with toys and exploring around the house - shes quite the adventurous kitty At times Teasha may seem a bit standoffish or unsocial but thats only because she needs time to trust her new people. Once given enough love care patience and understanding Teasha will become an incredibly loyal companion who loves spending time with you. Spitting is just her way of testing boundaries if you respond calmly yet firmly to this behavior shell quickly learn that its not acceptable. With some effort and dedication from her new family Teasha will make an amazing addition to any home.

Color: Black and white

Age: 2 years, 2 month

Sex: female - desexed

Price: donation on application 

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