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Marcia Ludlow

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Pheasant Flats
Glamorgan Vale, Queensland, 4306

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Pheasant Flats
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565 Marburg Rd
Glamorgan Vale, Queensland, 4306
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9 to 5
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Cash or eft

About Marcia Ludlow

You can buy a trio or a pair from us. Our aviary name is Pheasant Flats run by Marcia Ludlow. We have years of experience with breeding Pheasants so feel welcome to call us and ask questions if you are considering breeding or keeping this delightful fowl yourself.

We can deliver the birds to buyers via road. 

Here at Pheasant Flats we breed and sell the following birds

Pheasant Varieties

  • Golden Pheasants
  • Nepal Kalij Pheasants
  •  Mongolian Ringneck Pheasants 
  •  Lady Amherst Pheasants (young ones)
  •  Silver Pheasants (young ones)
  •  Blue Mutants Pheasants
  •  Reeves
  •  White Ringneck Pheasants
  •  Swinhoe Pheasants

Peacock Varieties

  • Indian Blue
  • White (pure white birds and splits)
  • Pied
  • Java Green



Golden Pheasant Information

Breeder of game and ornamental pheasants. Hens and Roosters for sale.

Pheasants For Sale in Lockyer Valley Ipswich Qld

We have beautiful Golden Pheasants for sale that we have been breeding for many years. 

 Pheasant eggs are no longer available sorry.  Interstate freight for fertile pheasant eggs is too costly. It is also risky and the eggs can break in transit.

 We sell Pheasant hens and roosters. The cock birds are the most beautiful with bright gold feathers combined with red feathers and other colours. They are a stunning ornamental bird to add to your collection. 

 If raised under say a broody silky hen or bantam hen they are quite tame and domesticated. 

Glamorgan Vale is a township and rural locality in Queensland, Australia. The town is in the Lockyer Valley and in the Somerset Region.

Peacocks for Sale in Lockyer Valley Ipswich Qld

We have exotic peacocks for sale that we have been breeding for many years. 

We do not sell eggs or chicks. Young birds are sold around 4 months of age. We offer pick up or freight delivery via road transport.

Varieties of Peacocks for Sale Australia

We can deliver the birds to buyers via road. 

  • Indian Blue
  • White (pure white birds and splits)
  • Pied
  • Java Green

Tips for Caring for Your Peacockp

Peacocks are also referred to as peafowl. Peacocks are beautiful birds that require a lot of space. They make great pets and can live 20 years or longer. Below are a few tips for caring for peafowl. 

  • Give them space
    Peacocks require at least 80-100 square feet of space per bird.
  • Provide proper bedding
    Peacocks like to scratch the ground. They do not like walking on hard surfaces. And hard surfaces can cause bumble foot. We recommend spreading a thick layer of straw over a concrete pad. We would not spread straw over dirt since it can get muddy and lead to illness and damaged feathers.
  • Provide a warm space
    Peacocks come from warmer clients. They need a warm place to roost and stay comfortable.
  • Feed them a proper diet
    Peacocks will wander and find food, but they will not get the proper nutrition they need. You will have to provide them with fresh water and mixed grains every day.
  • Protect them
    Predators are a major concern when you have peacocks. You will need to do everything you can to keep predators out of your yard and away from your peacocks.
    Peacocks can also fly, so they need an enclosure that has a high roof. They will fly away if given the opportunity.
  • Keep them healthy
    Just like any other pet, peacocks can get sick. They need to be dewormed every two months. They also get a lot of external parasites. Check them regularly. Check with your vet to find out more about vaccines.