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Alexandria, 2015

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684 Botany Road
Alexandria, 2015

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About Birdsville


With over 200 bird species and 1000 individual birds for sale Birdsville is sure to stock the bird for you! Including parrots and softbills like finches and canaries.

30 years in business and still the bird sale experts of Sydney

  • We cater for every species of bird, seed,wombaroo products, species specific foods for lories, insectivore species, lories, eccys, african greys,with many different brands, behavioral enrichment toys, antibiotics, vitamins, cages of all sizes from canary sized cages too macaw sized cages and stainless steel cages, bird stands, breeding boxes, nesting material, snake food, (frozen rats), meal worms, travel boxes for birds, swings, feeders, metal hopers, bird rings, list goes on....

  • We have an average of 35 species of finches, plum heads, conures, macaws, doves, quails, partridge, grass parrots, peachface / lovebirds, greys, eclectus parrots, amazons, Alexandrines, cockatoos, galahs, black cockies etc, budgies, cockatiels, quakers, kakarikes, princess parrots, superb parrots, king parrots, rainbow lories, purple crowned lories red collared lories, we have more species in stock but you get the idea!
  • We also carry many species mutations and splits for avid bird breeders in search of a particular bird.
  • If you are looking for a tame well socialised feathered companion to add to your family or are interested in breeding rare, impressive or unusual birds or simply want some nice birds to sing and cheer up your home aviary you have found the right place, we only stock the healthiest specimens.
  • Birdsville also has a bird minding/sitting service, call the shop to enquire.

African Grey Parrot for sale - African Grey Parrots (Congo: Psittacus erithacus) & (Timneh: Psittacus timneh)

African Grey parrots are famous for their amazing talking ability. These birds are able to remember and mimic hundreds of words. I was surprised with one African Grey Parrot we had in store that not only spoke beautifully, but also mimicked local birds from where it grew up in the Blue Mountains; such as Currawongs and Bell Birds – and did so with perfect clarity. Like most parrots they usually don’t start talking untill they reach at least 9 months of age.

African Grey Parrots, like most parrots, because of their high intelligence, need things like behavioural enrichment swings to give them a form of exercise. Changing hanging toys regularly keeps the birds interested and alert, as well as a good sized cage where they can stretch their wings and of course plenty of attention from their family i.e. YOU. Don’t be afraid to take them out of the cage and  simply spend time with them, as this will result in a much happier bird.

Be sure to supervise your bird when out of the cage, as you never know what trouble they may get themselves into or any hidden dangers.


Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday 10am – 4pm


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