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Equiporium the Online Horse Shop

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Equiporium is an online horse shop designed by horse people for horse people.

We understand that busy people need simple, easy to use services. We aim to provide a website that exceeds your expectations and revolutionises the way you shop for your horse.

 EquineNZ - Woollen Halter Pads
EquineNZ - Woollen Halter Pads

At Equiporium you get all the convenience of shopping online at great discount prices and also the security of an Australian phone number and Australian based customer service.

We have consultants in both Europe and Australia who are sourcing and testing a great range of Equestrian gear including; bridles, breeches, jodhpurs, long boots, top hats, competition wear, casual riding wear, horse rugs, horse boots, and saddle cloths. We are very selective in which brands we will list on our site because we want 100% customer satisfaction.

Some of the great equestrian brands we recommend: Gersemi, Cavallo, Sprenger, Veredus, EquineNZ, Christys Hats, Bucas, Fleck Whips, Amerigo, Deniro Boot Co, Konigs, Equipe.

Equiporium the Online Horse Shop for Pet Horse Lover.

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  • Riding Gloves
  • Schwenkel Riding Gloves - Weltall
  • Schwenkel Riding Gloves - German Master
  • Schwenkel Riding Gloves - Simply The Best
  • Schwenkel Riding Gloves - Dinard
  • Schwenkel Riding Gloves - Winters Finest
  • Schwenkel Riding Gloves - Brillante
  • Spurs
  • Sprenger Ultra Fit Comfort Roller Spurs
  • Sprenger Ultra Fit Spur - Smooth Rowel
  • Sprenger German Silver Spur with Rowel
  • Sprenger Perlon Braided Spur Straps
  • Ladies Breeches
  • Cavallo
  • Shop by Brand
  • Whips
  • Fleck - Twisted Willow
  • Fleck- Show Cane Bamboo
  • Dressage Whips
  • Fleck - Superflex Dressage Whip
  • Fleck- Balance Dressage Whip
  • Fleck - Superflex Olympic Gold Dressage Whip
  • Fleck - Nylon Weave Softcap Dressage Whi
  • •Fleck- Starline Dressage Whip
  • Fleck- Impuls Flex Dressage Whip
  • Jumping Whips
  • Fleck - Economic Jump Whip
  • Fleck - Professional Jump Whip
  • Riding Crops
  • All Purpose / Jumping
  • Bucas Max AP Saddleblanket
  • Pads & Accessories
  • Girths
  • Deniro Plain Laced Boot - Soft Leather
  • Deniro Patent Boots
  • Deniro Patent Boot with Swarovski Crystals
  • Deniro Style Caprice Boot
  • Brogini Allrounder Boot
  • Short Boots
  • Deniro Short Boot
  • Gaiters
  • Wool Lined Dressage Girth
  • Wool Lined All Purpose Girth
  • Dressage Girths
  • Amerigo Elasticated Dressage Girth
  • Christys Hats
  • Jumping Girths
  • Amerigo Long Elasticated Girth
  • Amerigo Long Stud Girth
  • Amerigo Short Stud Girth
  • Amerigo
  • Saddle Cloths & Saddle Pads
  • Dressage
  • Bucas Max Dressage Saddle Blanket
  • Amerigo / Mattes Sheepskin Half Pad Dressage
  • Whips & Spurs
  • Sprenger Rubber Spur Protectors
  • Girth Sleeves
  • Amerigo /Mattes Sheepskin Girth Sleeve
  • Wool Girth Sleeve - Dressage
  • Wool Girth Sleeve - All Purpose
  • Konigs Boots
  • Equipe
  • Bucas Rug
  • Bridles
  • Double Bridles
  • Amerigo Patent Double Bridle with Reins
  • NEW Equipe Patent Rolled Weymouth Bridle
  • Snaffle Bridles
  • Amerigo Patent Snaffle Bridle - with Reins
  • NEW Equipe Rolled Snaffle Bridle -available in patent or plain leather
  • Amerigo_Dressage_Snaffle_Bridle
  • Grackle Bridles
  • NEW Equipe Patent Rolled Grackle Bridle
  • Bits
  • Schwenkel Gloves
  • Browbands
  • Amerigo Patent Swarovski Browband
  • Browband Swarovski Crystal
  • Sprenger
  • Reins & Accessories
  • Amerigo Flash Noseband
  • Equipe Draw Reins
  • Equipe Reins - Half Rubber Grip
  • Equipe Rubber Reins
  • Gersemi
  • Gag & Snaffle Bits
  • Sprenger KK Ultra Loose Ring Bit
  • Sprenger Dynamic RS Loose Ring Bit
  • Sprenger WH Ultra Bit
  • Sprenger WH Ultra Soft Bit
  • Sprenger Turnado Bit
  • Sprenger KK Universal Bit
  • Weymouth & Bradoons
  • NEW Sprenger Bemelmans Weymouth
  • Sprenger KK Weymouth
  • Sprenger KK Ultra Bradoon
  • Sprenger KK Special Dressage Weymouth
  • Fleck Whips
  • Sporting Colours
  • Other Bits
  • Sprenger Conrad Correction Bit
  • Deniro Boots
  • Accessories
  • Sprenger Diamond Paste
  • Veredus
  • Headcollars & Leads
  • Bucas Control Halter/Lead Set
  • Amerigo Leather Headcollar
  • EquineNZ - Woollen Halter Pads
  • Footwear
  • Long Boots
  • Deniro Dressage Boot
  • Deniro Classic Riding Boot
  • Deniro Twisted Zip Boots with Laces
  • Deniro Gaiters - Elasticated Panel
  • Boots & Bandages
  • Boots & Bandages, page 2
  • EquineNZ - Wool Lined Fetlock Boots
  • Equine NZ - Wool Lined Brushing Boots
  • Equine NZ - Open Front Jump Boot
  • Equine NZ - Wool Lined Paddock Boots
  • Dressage
  • Veredus - Piaffe Revolution Xflex
  • Veredus - Piaffe Shield
  • Veredus - Piaffe Revolution
  • Veredus - Piaffe Evo Xflex
  • Veredus - Stable Boot Evo
  • Veredus Magnetic Stable Boots
  • Christys Fur Top Hat
  • Christys Wool Top Hat
  • Travel
  • Bucas Travel Boots
  • Wool Lined Tail Wrap
  • Paddock Boots
  • Magnetic
  • Breeches
  • Cavallo Chagall Breeches
  • Sarm Hippique - Georgia Breeches
  • Sarm Hippique - Rebecca Breeches
  • Gersemi Freja - Full Seat Breeches
  • Gersemi Freja - Cloth Knee Breeches
  • Gersemi Saga - Cloth Knee Patches
  • Gersemi Saga - Full Seat Breeches
  • Gersemi Long Johns
  • Cavall Clio Breeches
  • Cavallo Champion Breeches
  • Lungeing
  • Lunge Whips
  • Fleck Lungeing Whip
  • Mens Breeches
  • Sarm Hippique - Lord Breeches for Men
  • Shop by Discipline
  • Martingales & Breastplates
  • Amerigo V Check Breastplate
  • Amerigo Eventing Breastplate
  • Amerigo Combination Breastplate
  • Competition Shirts
  • Sporting Colours Silk Competition Shirts
  • Stirrups and Leathers
  • Stirrup Irons
  • Amerigo Carbon Stirrup Irons
  • Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrups
  • Stirrup Leathers
  • Amerigo Calfskin Stirrup Leathers
  • Shirts
  • Gersemi Functional Top
  • Competition Jackets
  • Gersemi Idun Show Jacket
  • Cavallo Galathea Show Jacket - Shorter Style
  • Cavallo Ladies Tailcoat
  • Stocks & Ties
  • Sporting Colours Ready Tied Stock
  • Horse Rugs
  • Stable
  • Bucas Celtic Stable Blanket
  • Bucas Shamrock Power
  • Coolers
  • Bucas Power Cooler
  • Competition Clothing
  • Casual Riding Wear
  • Flysheet & Masks
  • Bucas Buzz Off - Fly Rug
  • Show Rugs
  • Bucas Waterproof Rainsheet
  • Turnout
  • Bucas Irish Turnout Classic
  • Bucas Power Turnout Classic
  • Exercise
  • Bucas Riding Rug
  • Dressage
  • Show Jumping
  • Eventing
  • Horse Supplements
  • MagE - Kohnkes Own
  • Cell-Vital - Kohnkes Own
  • E-Se Supplets - Kohnkes Own
  • Cell Vital Premium - Kohnkes Own
  • Cell-E Premium - Kohnkes Own
  • Cell -Grow - Kohnkes Own
  • Muscle XL - Kohnkes Own
  • Kohnke's Own - Activ-8
  • Kohnkes Own - Trim

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Horses listings

Sporting Colours Ready Tied Stock - Available at Equiporium the Online Horse Shop

Gersemi Functional Top - Casual Riding Wear - Available at Equiporium the Online Horse Shop

Sprenger Perlon Braided Spur Straps. Available at Equiporium the Online Horse Shop

Sprenger Dynamic RS Loose Ring Bit. Available at Equiporium the Online Horse Shop

Bucas Max Dressage Saddle Blanket. Available at Equiporium the Online Horse Shop

Fleck - Superflex Olympic Gold Dressage Whip. Available at Equiporium the Online Horse Shop

The Deniro Caprice boot is the prestige of ultra Soft Riding boots with unique features.

Bucas Buzz Off - Fly Rug, Insect & UV protective products. Shop at Equiporium now!

NEW Equipe Rolled Snaffle Bridle -available in patent or plain leather. Shop at Equiporium now!

Gersemi Saga - Full Seat Breeches available at Equiporium the Online Horse Shop




Equiporium the Online Horse Shop
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Equiporium the Online Horse Shop
Equiporium is an online horse shop designed by horse people for horse people.
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