Bird Article - Sprouting Seed Information

Sprouting Seed Information

Sprouting Seed Information Article supplied by Aristopet

Sprouting Bird Seed Mixture by Aristopet

Sprouted Seed is a Nutritious High Energy Natural Supplement for both Pet & Breeding Birds

Sprouting Seed provides your birds with a high energy, fresh, nutritious, easy to prepare food. The mix contains seeds and legumes including mung beans, sunflower seed, safflower, barley, corn, wheat, beans, lentils & peas with a variety of other high quality seeds. 19 in all!

Sprouted Seed Mixture is a popular treat for birds and can enhance a bird’s diet by providing essentials vitamins, minerals, enzymes and protein. The mix consists of high quality seeds like mung beans, sunflower seed, safflower and barleys. Each seed contains all the nutrients necessary to sustain plant life, but remain dormant until placed in the right environment to begin germinating. When air, water and suitable temperature is provided, seeds begin to sprout. It is at this time that their energy is released and all of the essential nutrients are made available. We are turning normal dried seed into a fresh vegetable and by this process greatly increasing its overall food value. The highest food value is obtained when the sprouts are around 5mm in length.

Chemical Free, Fresh
Australian Seeds


  1. Soak 12 hours in warm water with added Aristopet Waterguard. (1 drop per 30ml cold water). Change the water once or twice during the soaking time.
  2. Drain into colander, rinse well and cover with plastic or tea towel until seed sprouts to 3-5mm. Around 24 hours. During this time, rinse with cold water with added waterguard roughly every 8 hours to encourage sprouting. The seed should have a nice nutty smell and taste sweet. Discard if gluggy or sour smelling and start again.
  3. Leave in colander to drain well until dry. Add chopped fresh fruit and vegetables like carrot, broccoli, spinach, apple. Add small amount of Aristopet Avi-Vite Multi vitamins & minerals, Aristopet Egg and Biscuit and Aristopet Small Parrot Seed Mix. Can be served on its own.

This will make a tasty meal for your birds filled with protein, vitamins and minerals. It is great for all birds.

Allow one tablespoon of Aristopet Seed per bird. Serve once or twice daily. Do not leave uneaten food for more than a few hours.

Recommended Aristopet products to add to your Aristopet Soaked Seed:
Waterguard to stop the growth of algae and fungi in soaking seeds. Safe to use. Retains nutritional value. Active Ingredients - Chlorhexidine & Gluconate. Egg and Biscuit - birds just love it! Cockatiel & Small Parrot Seed - Just to add extra temptation to the meal!

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