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Animal Welfare League Queensland Inc

AWL is embracing a brighter future in which every companion animal will have a caring and responsible home for life.

AWL cares for over 10,000 stray and abandoned companion animals on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas every year.

AWL rehomes unwanted companion animals at one of the highest rates in Australia.

AWL provides quality veterinary services through our Vet Clinic and an after hours ambulance service for injured animals.

AWL educates school children and their communities about caring responsibly for companion animals with curriculum linked education programs and hands-on companion animal care courses.

AWL works to end euthanasia of over 200,000 healthy companion animals per year in shelters all over Australia through the development of community awareness campaigns and supportive laws and policies.


The Animal Welfare League of Queensland Inc. (AWL) is a non-profit, non-government funded, charitable organisation. We rely on community support through donations, fundraising efforts and volunteers. The Gold Coast and surrounding communities should be immensely proud, as it is their support which has enabled the AWL to provide for the thousands of animals in need over the years.

We are continuing this year to not only care for all the unwanted, stray and abandoned animals that come through our doors, but also increase community awareness about how to end the tragedy of pet overpopulation. Our goal is to bring an end to the euthanasia of healthy animals in Australia through education and awareness. Donations, legacies and bequests are greatly needed to assist our goal and are deeply appreciated. It is through the continued support of the community that we will achieve a brighter future for every companion animal in need. Click here to become an AWL Member or make a donation.

The operations of AWL are arranged so that minimum finance is spent on administration while a maximum is devoted to the direct care of our animals. AWL is directed by an honorary committee elected from the membership at the Annual General Meeting. Paid staff includes administration staff, animal attendants and a handful of qualified professionals. Supporting our paid staff are our wonderful volunteers who assist in the day-to-day operations of the AWL.
Aims and objectives

AWL was established to protect and care for stray, ill, homeless and distressed domestic animals, and:
To provide sanctuaries where proper care, feeding and attention is available.

To erect, maintain and where necessary replace kennels, premises and building appropriate to such sanctuaries.

To enter into arrangements with local government (Councils) for the custody and care of impounded animals.

To seek homes for abandoned and unwanted animals and so avoid their unnecessary destruction.

To oppose all forms of cruelty and neglect of animals.

To oppose the use of animals for painful, unnecessary experiments and to encourage forms of experimentation which does not involve animals.

To discourage indiscriminate breeding and encourage desexing with a view to reducing the overpopulation of dogs and cats.

To provide legacy facilities to enable animals to see out their lives in comfort and dignity.

To educate the public, and particularly the young, on the role of animals in society.

Since 1959, AWL has been providing health care, food, shelter and love for society's unwanted, abandoned, injured and homeless animals. Annually we care for over 10,000 animals that arrive at the doors of our Sanctuary situated at Shelter Road, Coombabah on the Gold Coast.


AWL has developed the following programs to work towards our goal and commitment of providing a brighter future for all companion animals:

The Golden Oldies Program was introduced to find loving homes for animals approximately 8 years old and over.

The Foster Care Program enables hundreds of under-aged puppies and kittens to be cared for by loving foster carers until they are old enough to be rehomed.

The Enrichment Program provides dogs waiting to be rehomed with a much needed change of scenery by taking them to the beach twice weekly.

The Legacy Program recognises the concern animal owners have for the future well-being of their beloved pets once their owners have passed on and allows them to leave their pet in their will to the AWL

The Volunteer Program ensures that all animals waiting to be rehomed are given the love, care and human companionship that they would normally receive in a family home environment.


AWL, as a progressive organisation, believes the key to solving the tragedy of pet overpopulation and the subsequent euthanasia of healthy companion animals is through strong awareness campaigns and programs designed to facilitate changes in attitude. The following campaigns and programs are initiative of the AWL, developed with these goals in mind

The National Summit to End Pet Overpopulation will bring together all stakeholders to share challenges and effective strategies and set targets to reduce the numbers of companion animals euthanased in Australia. To download details of this initiative, please click here.
The Companion Animal Stakeholder Coalition is a collaboration of professionals who have an interest in ending the euthanasia of healthy pets. The Coalition includes representatives from AWL Qld, Gold Coast City Council, Australian Veterinary Association, Canine Control Council, Gold Coast Dog Obedience Club, International Dog Obedience Training schools, Queensland Feline Association, Pet Industry Association Australia, RSPCA Qld, Wildlife Preservation Society and Wildcare Australia.
Caring Responsibly for Your Cat and Dog is an educational DVD, produced by AWL in conjunction with the Companion Animal Stakeholder Coalition. The DVD covers all of the information a prospective new pet owner needs to know, and is available through pet stores and animal shelters at no cost to persons interested in purchasing a pet.
The Last Litter Fund, offered through the AWL Vet Clinic, gives owners who surrender a litter of kittens or puppies to the AWL the opportunity to have the mother (and father if known) of the litter desexed for the price of a small donation.
The Desexing Fund is set up to assist pet owners in genuine financial need to have their pets desexed for the cost of a small donation.
The National Desexing Network (NDN) is a program which promotes desexing through linking vets with pet owners who cannot afford to desex their pets. Each year in the month of August, the NDN in conjunction with the AWL Qld, promote National Desexing Month across Australia.
Public Services

The AWL Vet Clinic, attached to the our Shelter in Coombabah, offers all veterinary services at competitive prices.

Our Pet Cremation and Memorial Wall service offers animal owners the opportunity to have a deceased pet cremated and the ashes placed into an urn and then returned, or alternatively placed into our Memorial Wall at our Shelter.

The Animal Welfare League of Qld Inc. is a non-profit, charitable organisation that receives NO government funding. The value of a bequest or donation means that animals are given every chance to find a loving, permanent home.

Please consider a generous donation to ensure that all of these important programs, initiatives and services continue for years to come!

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