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The Canary & Cage Bird Federation of Aust

The Canary & Cage Bird Federation of Aust logo

Enquiries welcome. The Canary and Cage Bird Federation Incorporated is a kindred organization of affiliated organizations whose membership display an interest in bird breeding and keeping.

(a) To act as an appeal board, when requested, in the event of a dispute between affiliates and/or individual members of affiliates.
(b) To represent the best interests of aviculture as a whole in dealings between affiliates (or individual members of affiliates) and government, at any level, or government authorities and institutions.
(c) To act as an advisory council on all matters pertaining to the welfare of an affiliated organisation.
(d) To oversee the allotment of show dates.
(e) To compile a set of show rules for exhibitions held by affiliates. Such rules to be binding on affiliates.
(f) To guard against the misuse of identification rings and ring numbers.
(g) To hold an annual dinner to honour individuals (Guest of Honour - to promote the social, non-competitive aspects of the fancy).
(h) To facilitate the provision of adequate insurance for affiliates.

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