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Pet & House Minding




Benefits to Dog Owner

Access to other members profiles, Dog social events, Helpful dog websites (Eg Dog off-leash areas, Dog sports, holidaying with dogs) and Newsletter.Holidays - your new friends can look after your dog, water your garden and may collect your mail. This favour works both ways.

Cost saving - You are not paying expensive kennel, pet minding service, dog walking or daycare fees.

You can share stories of your dog antics.

Benefits to Dog

Dogs can be left together when owners are at work. This means both dogs play during the day and have company.

Dogs can enjoy shared walks, dog park trips or other fun dog adventures (Eg Pet cafe).

When you go on holidays your dog stays in an environment and with people who are familiar.

Provides a wonderful caring alternative to dog kennels.

This arrangement may not always be an entirely equal arrangement, but your dog will benefit from having the company of another dog.

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