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Vital SupaSnax

Pet Food, Treats & Supplements
Kenthurst, 2156

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Vital SupaSnax
PO Box 247
Kenthurst, 2156

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Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm

About Vital SupaSnax

Vital SupaSnax offers a delicious range of all-natural, low-fat, high-protein dried dog treats that are a favourite with dogs of all ages.

Australian owned and manufactured from locally-sourced product, our superior products are 100% free of artificial preservatives, additives and colours.

The Best Natural Dog Treats Australia Has to Offer

Australian-based and owned, at Vital SupaSnax we offer a delicious range of all-natural dried dog treats that are a favourite with tail-waggers of any age.

 Manufactured from locally-sourced product, our dog rewards offer pleasing low-fat, high-protein treats that are excellent for your loved canine’s health — but with a scrummy flavour that will make him/her love you even more!

Our online portal allows discerning pet parents, breeders, trainers, and doggie sitters to effortlessly browse and purchase from our selection of indulgent tidbits at wholesale prices.

Distributor enquiries are also welcomed for those wishing to take advantage of our cost-effective bulk order solutions and distribute our products more widely.



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Vital SupaSnax - Australian Made Dog Treats

At Vital SupaSnax, we aim to provide the ultimate doggy reward products for precious pooches here in Australia. Here’s a brief overview of what we can do for your beloved bow-wow.

Australian Dog Treats

Air-dried in temperature-controlled rooms — not cooked — Vital SupaSnax’s doggie delights are never heated above 60 degrees, meaning no loss in protein nor nutritional value. Lovingly manufactured here in Australia, our indulgent treats are free from artificial colours, preservatives, and flavours.

Doggy Training Rewards

Unashamedly, we say that our rewards are the ultimate healthy dog treats Australia has for training. Using Vital SupaSnax’s tasty products for positive reinforcement instruction, doggies gain confidence, experience crucial mental stimulation, and enjoy a greater loving bond with their pet parents or trainers — while receiving a healthy protein boost!

Wholesale Pet Treats Australia

Our expansive distribution network allows high-consumption businesses — such as breeders, trainers, sitters, retailers, and groomers — to enjoy cost-effective and timely delivery of bulk treat orders all year round. Available in personalised branding if required, our nutritious and delectable delicacies will ensure pet parents — and their pooches — return time after time.

Online Store for the Best Dog Treats Australia

Our online store ensures you can easily browse, select, and securely order Vital SupaSnax luxury treats from the comfort of your home. Delivered directly to your doorstep, we cover all of Australia’s states and territories. Thus ensuring your good boy or girl is never without their favourite healthy rewards.

The Vital SupaSnax Dog Treat Range

Whatever your tail-wagger’s taste preferences, intolerances, or allergies — there’s a scrummy treat in our extensive range to excite and stimulate their taste buds. All our products are low fat — shielding them against the hazards of obesity.

For those looking for treats that are great for dental hygiene, the hard treats, such as roo jerky and roo tendons are perfect for this job.

And, being naturally high in protein, they have this crucial macronutrient to boost muscle and bone growth, development, and maintenance.

Our Vital SupaSnax selection* includes:

- Gourmet Roo & Liver Rissoles.
- Roo Chews - kangaroo chews dog treats.
- Roo Jerky - kangaroo jerky dog treats.
- Roo Tendon.
- Roo Bites.
- Shaved Liver - great for training and for dog catchers!
- Chunky Liver Jerky - dried liver jerky for dogs' healthy teeth.
- Porky Snouts.
- Porky Treat Pig’s Ears.
- Fish Jerky.
- Lamb Bites.
- Dried Chicken Breast.

* These are treats only, not food! Make sure your dog has water available!

Not only are our delicious treats delivered directly to your home, workplace, or retail outlet, but you also have the peace of mind given by our money-back guarantee - should you or your canine companion not be completely satisfied.

And, with the best dog treats and snacks for even the pickiest and fussiest of fur-babies, your precious pooch may wish to try the entire Vital SupaSnax range!

Vital SupaSnax - The Best Dog Training Treats

Positive Reinforcement for Your Well Trained Pooch

The Best Dog Training Treats Australia Has to Offer

A well-trained pooch is a happy pooch! It gives your beloved beastie confidence, provides crucial mental stimulation, and heightens the loving and trusting bond between you and your canny canine.

Positive reinforcement when your doggie does something ‘right’ is the most effective way to a perfectly behaved and responsive companion — praise, pats and cuddles, and a favourite treat are ideal.

Vital SupaSnax are the best dog treats for training your fur-baby — rewarding them with a tasty, moreish, and healthy option that they will love.

Vital SupaSnax Healthy Dog Training Treats

Australian-made, Vital SupaSnax’s natural dog training treats allow you to deliver a little extravagance onto your well-behaved doggie without worrying about overindulgence.

With clearly marked ingredients, you have the reassurance of bestowing your fluffball with rewards that are free from artificial colours, preservatives or flavours — just a tasty morsel of healthy goodness that will make your pooch love you even more, and will encourage them to be a good boy or girl again!

Reassuringly low in fat, SupaSnax’s wide range of delicious flavoured treats pack a mighty protein punch — crucial for brain and muscle development and maintenance. And, being air-dried in proprietary drying rooms — not cooked — you know your fur-baby is receiving the most wholesome and nutritious delicacy for their excellent behaviour.

Our scrummy and tempting Vital SupaSnax treats include:

  • Pigs ears dog treats.
  • Kangaroo ears dog treats.
  • Liver treats for dogs.
  • Lamb dog treats.
  • Beef treats for dogs.
  • Fish dog treats.
  • Kangaroo tendons for dogs.

Healthy Puppy Training Treats

Vital SupaSnax aren’t just for grown-up doggies!

Our enticing rewards are the best puppy training treats, allowing you to start your fur-baby’s positive reinforcement training from a young age — while also promoting healthy physical and mental development.

The perfect product for puppy training is our Shaved Liver. It can be easily broken into small pieces, so you don’t fill up your pup during training. Puppies love the smell of liver and remain responsive to command and correction during training. 

Why Choose Vital SupaSnax Treats and Rewards?

Not only do we have an expansive range of beef, chicken, pig, lamb, and kangaroo dog treats Australia-wide — by choosing Vital SupaSnax you’re ensuring your darling doggie can experience the tastiest and healthiest rewards.

With minimal preprocessing and a proven drying procedure — our Australian-manufactured treats lose none of their inherent nutritional benefits. Which means you can reward your pet while they enjoy the tasty health benefits of the SupaSnax range.

Money-back guarantees, timely and accurate delivery, and a selection to suit every preference, allergy, and intolerance — our service is as suitable for pet parents with a single fur-baby as professionals caring, training, or grooming a multitude of mighty mutts.

Our online portal allows discerning pet parents, breeders, trainers, and doggie sitters to effortlessly browse and purchase from our selection of indulgent tidbits at wholesale prices.

Distributor enquiries are also welcomed for those wishing to take advantage of our cost-effective bulk order solutions and distribute our products more widely.

Order the Most Delicious Savoury Dog Treats Australia Today!


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