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Australian Dog Grooming Displays
& Dog Grooming Competitions

Dog Grooming in Australia is still in its infancy comparedwith the USA and Britain however it is taking off in leaps and bounds withmajor dog grooming competitions such as the Pet Industry Association’s AusGroomheld each year as part of their annual Pet Expo as well as the public groomingdisplays supported by The Pet Directory in each state of Australia. 

Hydrobaths	Australia:	Manufacturers and distributors of Conmura and Fido's Hydrobaths
Hydrobaths Australia: Manufacturers and distributors of Conmura and Fido's Hydrobaths

Dog Grooming Resources

Dog Grooming Articles:

Keeping your dog well groomed is of vital importance to your dog's well being and health.Knots in the dog's coat can cause discomfort or even pain and also rashes and then infection.An unwashed, ungroomed dog can develop fleas, ear infections, become fly blown or experience restricted movement due to knots in the coat.

Dog Grooming International - Master groomer training
Dog Grooming International | Master Groomer Training

Dog Grooming Displays & Dog Grooming Competitions

The Pet Directory Dog GroomingDisplay
in conjunction with Dogs Victoria’s 
Big Dogs Day Out

The Pet Directory loves to promote the art of dog grooming to the general public who are the end users.We are keen to let them know just what can be done for their dog's health and wellbeing by regularly visiting a dog groomer.
For this reason we sponsor dog grooming competitions around Australia.Please click on the link above to see photos and prizes from the last Victorian Public Dog Grooming Display that was held in conjunction with Dogs Victoria at their annual Big Dogs Day Out.

The Pet Directory & Pet Industry Association
QueenslandDog Grooming Competition

The Qld Public Dog Grooming Competition was held in 2008 at the Petacular! Pet Expo in conjunction with PIAA, the Pet Industry Association of Australia.It was a fantastic event with thousands of people watching the professional dog groomers in action.General Manager of The Pet Directory, Adam Cooney was invited to hand groomers The Pet Directory trophies and prizes after each big win.

The Pet Directory & Pet Industry Association
VictorianDog Grooming Competition

Watch a slide show (opens immediately) of the winners of The Pet Directory Dog Grooming Competition held in conjunction with PIAA, the Pet Industry Association of Australia.See the winners and the beautiful sashes and rosettes awarded by The Pet Directory for their high achievements. Sponsors logos and links are also shown. Click on the link above to see which groomers won and photos.

Find a DogGroomer or MobileDog Hydrobath
in your area in NSW QLD VIC WA SA NT TAS

Hundreds of dog groomers are available to come to your house to wash and groom your dog with their mobile dog washing service or you can take your dog to a Dog Grooming Salon near your house. You will be able to leave your dog in safe care with the groomers in the salon while you do other chores such as shopping while you wait. It is very important to have your dog groomed regularly so that he doesn’t develop knots and matting of his or her fur. Groomers also check the dog’s ears, eyes, teeth, nails and trim and clean as appropriate.There are also specific products for tear stain removal by washing, fading and even one that can be given in food to totally eliminate tear strains. It is called Angels’ Eyes. It is quite low cost at only a few cents per day.Tear stain removal products are especially good for white dogs such as poodles, maltese, keeshonds, Chihuahuas, Shitzu dogs etc.

FindDog Grooming Supplies
in your area in NSW QLD VIC WA SA NT TAS

Dog groomers are always looking for the latest grooming tools and products for their business. The Pet Directory provides a list of all dog grooming supply companies in Australia with Dog Dryers, Grooming Tables, Hydrobaths, Grooming Accessories, Dog Grooming Shampoos and Conditioners.

Gettinginto the Dog Grooming Industry
Becoming a dog groomer…

If you love dogs and want to spend every day of your working lifewith them then becoming a dog groomer might be just the job for you.  Mobile doggrooming franchise or do a doggrooming course or both!

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Pet Dog Grooming
Pet Dog Grooming
Dog Clipping
Dog Clipping
ChemiKol Anivac Animal Bathing Systems
Anivac Animal Bathing Systems
Cleans your animal from the skin up!
Horse, cattle, dog & cat owners
Stables, kennels, vets
Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash and HydrobathYour Dog Clean, Flea Free & Smelling Great... Or It's FREE!
SERVICING ALL AREAS. Franchises Available
The Barf Shop
Lynmar Agencies - Quality Animal Care Products -
Clipper World
Spectrum - Suppliers of DYEX - Colour for Canines
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